Flock & Feast
Flock & Feast


You might be wondering why this site is called Flock and Feast.  

The real story is that I knew that I wanted to build a blog, but I wasn't sure what to name it.  I found a business name generator and started clicking away.  After a few hundred clicks, "Flock & Feast" came up and I knew immediately it was right.

As I thought about why it was the right name, I was struck by how these two words really encompassed what I was hoping my life and my words here would do.  

Flock (n) 1. A company or collection of living creatures. 2. A Christian church or congregation.  (v) To gather in companies or crowds.

You are invited and welcome here. You don't have to have a specific background, or hold a particular view on the world to be fully included in this community. The things I write here, are the conversations I would hope to have with you as you sit at my kitchen island as I cook dinner, or sit on my deck with next to the fire pit with twinkle lights and stars blazing above us. It is the stuff of every day life mixed in with wondering about and a desire to connect with the eternal.

Feast (n) 1. A holiday. 2. A festive or joyous meal. (v) 1. To eat sumptuously. 2. To be highly gratified or delighted.

When you spend time reading here I hope that you come away feeling like someone set a special place for you. That you have been filled and you look forward to coming back.  With each post I hope to find a balance of celebration and nourishment that comes from being connected to God and his word.     

A Quick Tour

Let me show you where you can find a few things.  If you are interested in reading the Bible with me, you can follow along with my Study the Bible Project.  There are lists of general study resources as well as lists specific for each book of the Bible.  I'm just starting out, so the resources will grow as I travel through the Bible.  You can also find thoughts about my day to day in my journal.