About Me


Let me introduce myself.

I'm Allison.  

I've been married for thirteen years to a guy that I am wild about. I have three kids that are great fun and a dog that slobbers an extraordinary amount.  I am a photographer, food enthusiast, fan of mid-century design, a sometimes knitter or crocheter, and voracious reader.

I attended Hope College and majored in Art History and minored in Math and Religion.  It wasn't the most marketable combination.  After college I went on Young Life staff for a few years and fell in love with telling stories about Jesus, and encouraging people in their faith. 

When my husband asked me to marry him, it came with a second clause, "...and move to Boston."  I jumped at both opportunities and eight days after getting married we packed up our U-Haul and drove to our new apartment.  We thought we would only be in Boston for three years as he completed his medical residency, but instead found that Boston became home.  Thirteen years and three kids later, we felt our life getting wrapped up in Boston and a new opportunity presented itself in Rochester, Minnesota. We are now figuring out what it takes to make it through the Minnesota winters and enjoying new pleasures like catching fireflies and watching the sunset from our porch.

I think about going to seminary from time to time, but also know there is value in a "Goodwill Hunting" type of education created by hard work and a few library fines. So, for now seminary will wait.

I hope you feel like you have just pulled up a chair to sit at my kitchen table as we open the Bible, ask questions and search for answers.  We will also talk about matters of faith, living well, community, family, marriage and enjoying simple pleasures.