Let's Have An Adventure: A Maple Sugar House

I find March to be the cruelest of months.  My love of snow has darkened like the snow drifts that refuse to melt, and yet winter continues to linger.  I have a deep longing for flowers, sunshine, and and sending my kids outside to play.  Waiting is so hard. 

One of my favorite ways to create a celebration during this time of slow thaw is to pack everyone up and go to a Maple Sugar House.  Our favorite Sugar House, Parker's Maple Barn, is a little more than an hour away from Boston. One Saturday morning every March, we get the kids out of bed  and into the car for this delicious breakfast adventure.

For this adventure everyone needs to be dressed warmly with a coat and boots. It can be cold and muddy

When we first arrive one of the adults heads to the restaurant to put on name on the list for a table in the restaurant. Parker's doesn't take reservations and on weekends the wait times can be quite long.

 Yum!  Maple donuts.   

Yum!  Maple donuts.


Next up, coffee for the adults and treats for the kids.  The donuts and cinnamon rolls are delicious!  This warms everyone up and keeps them from complaining while we wait for our breakfast. Some people just make these treats breakfast and skip the restaurant.  We go for full nutritional devastation and have both.

We have time to visit the store. We pick up enough maple syrup to last for the next year and let the kids look longingly at the wonders filling the shelves. There is such desire for a 12-in whoopee cushion, honey sticks, maple candy, and all the beautiful treasures to line our shelves at home. It is a taste of the General Stores of old.

Then it is time for breakfast.  The food is great.   The atmosphere is warm and cozy.  The portions are large and you will leave feeling like you won't need another meal that day.  That is unless you are a 9-year-old boy, and then you will probably ask to stop for a snack on the way home.

Before you leave make sure to go on the tour of the Sugar House. (If you spend less time in the store than we do you might be able to go on the tour while you wait for breakfast.)  You will learn a little about the history of maple syrup, how maple syrup is made and get to watch as they boil down sap into maple syrup sold in their store.