Three Minute Attitude Adjustment

It's 5:00 PM and everyone is hungry, tired and annoyed with one another.  We are trying to make it through the next hour of cooking, table setting and generally getting along.  I can hear the kids jumping from one piece of furniture to another and the dog barking at their crazy antics.  Then disaster strikes and the last whack of the pillow (because you know it always turns into a pillow fight) is a little too hard, and one child is crying, the other is making excuses, the dog is barking, and I am ready to run away.  I'm ready for Calgon to take me away.

It is 10:00 AM.  We have been doing school for about an hour, and the kids have been whining about having to write.  "It's cruel."  "It's a punishment. " Meanwhile my toddler is emptying every tupperware from the drawer into the dog's mouth, and the dog is exchanging them for a treat.  I'm wondering if they would notice if I slip away for a few minutes.

There are countless moments in my day where we need to stop, and adjust our attitudes. (I probably need an attitude adjustment most of all.)  Of course our actions need to change, but when we are grumbling inside, and making excuses changing our behavior is such drudgery.

It's so simple, and awfully silly, but maybe that's why it is so effective.  We put on music, the catchier the better and turn our kitchen into a dance floor.  Hips start to sway, arms begin to swing, and everyone starts to lighten up.  It's not just the music, or our own dancing, but it is the joy of seeing one another dancing.  I watch the kids who moments ago were having a knock-down, drag-out fight grab hands and start to spin.  It's a little like magic.

Just in case you are someplace that you can't dance right now, here is my youngest dancing.  Hope it brings you a little joy.