Summer writing- Beach Haiku

Summer writing- Beach Haiku

We really struggle with writing.  It is the most difficult subject for our kids, and the most likely to produce tears, moaning, and out-right obstinance.  Although we are a homeschool family who takes the summer off, we continue to read, write and do a little math through our time off so we don't forget too much.

Yesterday I introduced the kids to Haiku poems.  I love that Haiku have both a real structure and simplicity.  Made up of three lines, with a pattern of 5 syllables in the first and third line and 7 syllables in the second line forces the writer to carefully choose their words.  The kids thought that three lines made up of only 17 syllables would be manageable.

We had just arrived home after a day at the beach, so we used that as our inspiration for our poetry.  Here's what we came up with.

Hot, itchy, salty

Cold water laps on my feet.

This is my summer.

Hard armor above.

Pincers and feelers bellow.

Watch out!  I'm crabby.

Huge rock to climb.

Barnacles cling, seaweed holds.

Snails in a pool.

Searching for a crab.

I found Mr. Mystery.

Friend, you disappeared.

Wind gusts. Gull soars.

Circles for a feast bellow.

Dive, dodge, success!  Chips.