Feeling Crabby Homeschool Report: September 21st

Feeling Crabby  Homeschool Report: September 21st

This is Maggie. I do school at home with my brother George.

On the first day of school we went to the beach. We built sandcastles, had a picnic, climbed on huge rocks and even caught hermit crabs.

We had to go into water that was up to my waist to catch the hermit crabs. I would stretch my arm out, and reach all the way down to the sandy floor and grab one of the crabs by the shell. We carried our crabs to our bucket in our baseball caps because we didn't want to get pinched. One time I didn't have my hat (George had taken it) and I GOT PINCHED!  Ouch!

Mom said that we could bring a few of the crabs we found home to live in a fish tank so that we could see them better and learn more about them. We collected our own mini-ocean with seaweed, sand, rocks, snails and crabs.

It was so fun to have the crabs at our house.  We set up their tank in our bathroom and I would watch them every time I brushed my teeth.  

Mom fed the crabs fish food with a pair of tweezers. I saw the crabs grab the food and stuff it into their mouths.  I saw crabs switch shells, and climb all over one another too. I think they were playing King of the Mountain.

The biggest surprise was that we brought home two baby anemones. We didn't know they came with us, and one day we saw them growing in our tank.

Mom and Dad said that our bathroom was smelling like low tide and it was time for the crabs to go back home. Yesterday, we emptied their tank into a big bucket and drove them back to the beach.

I think they were excited to go back home, but I hope they liked their field trip to our house. I was sad to see them go home, and hope we get to go visit them soon!