Hard Lessons  Homeschool Report: September 21

Hi!  This is Maggie and George.  We do our school at home.  

This year we are learning about the lives of children around the world.  Mom is letting us (or making us) write about what we learn each week.

Today was a emotionally hard day.  We learned about child labor, and what we could do about it. This probably isn't something other learn about in elementary school.

I knew a little that there were kids in the world who had to work, but I didn't know how many actually had to do hard labor. I was especially surprised that Industrialized countries, countries like USA, Canada, and countries in the European Union played a role in making children have to work.

We read that often products we find in our stores were made by child labor. Products like soccer balls, embroidered jeans, beaded purses and decorated picture frames are products that can be made by children. You can't easily tell when you look at these products. Most people don't know that it is even a possiblity. It was unpleasant to find out, but it is the truth. 

When I found this out, I felt shocked and tearful.  It made me feel like I never want to buy things again.  When I go shopping I'll be doing my best to figure out where things were made and if they are trying to protect kids.  I'll buy less, and might even try to buy things second hand. I haven't ever done that before.

Mom said that she picked these school books because she wanted to be with us when we learned about hard things. She also said that she thinks that Maggie and I can change the world, and we might not even need to be adults to start. I kind of wish we weren't learning about this, but I think it is the right thing. It isn't the easiest to learn but I think it is important. She also said that there will be a bunch of fun things we learn about too, not just the hard things.

We are starting off our around the World tour with the UK. We have a tea party planned, and she has a bunch of fun things planned for us to eat and do.  I'll report on what we do later in the week.