Michigan Summer

There is something so refreshing and magical about summer in Michigan.

This past week I took the kids on a "mystery trip" to visit my parents in Northern Michigan. They didn't know we were going to get to Michigan to visit this summer, and didn't find out about the trip until a few days before we left.  They had to decode a message to find out where they were going so they could pack their suitcase.  It was so fun!

We had a wonderful week filled with adventures with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We ate all of our favorite Michigan food (I'm looking at you Verner's, American Spoon, National Coney Island, and Sander's Bumpy Cake). We spent time floating on the lake, fishing, kayaking, shooting arrows, feeding farm animals and enjoying the late sunsets.

We're back now, with a few more freckles, great memories, a bunch of photos, and a yearning to go back.