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General Bible Study Tools

This is a list of the books and tools that I am using as I tour through the Bible.  As I get deeper into studying, I will add more resources to this list.

Illustrated Study Bible NLT
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

This has become my favorite Bible for really studying.  The New Living Translation is easy to read, the footnotes are interesting and helpful, and I love all of the charts and graphs and extra information included in this Bible.


This is another favorite study Bible.  It doesn't have charts and graphs, but it has very thoughtful study notes and outlines for each book of the Bible.


I like how reading different translations of the Bible helps me to have a fuller picture of what the intention and feeling of the Bible was in the original language.  I really appreciate the way that The Message translation has an almost poetic feel.  I often find it the most enjoyable to read when I am reading large sections.

This is one of two commentaries I have.  I haven't explored it too much, but once I have I will come back and tell you more.

New Bible Commentary
IVP Academic

This is another commentary we have at our house that I expect to put to work as I study.  I will update this note after I get to know this reference book better.


Sometimes I feel like I need a few questions to get me started looking critically and thinking about a passage.  This book goes through the entire Bible in three years and gives a few thoughtful questions to answer each day.